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Published:January 27th, 2010 17:36 EST

Old Man Puts Heater Under Car To Warm It Up. Surprise, It Blows Up!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 76-year-old German man trying to thaw out his car incinerated it instead when he decided to speed things up by putting a blow heater under the hood.

`He burned the vehicle out completely,` said a spokesman for police in the western city of Hildesheim. Police said the man left the heater on next to the frozen windshield washer tank and returned indoors. Shortly afterwards he heard two explosions and returned to find the car ablaze.


It`s the 76-year-old man`s brain that needs thawing, only an imbecile or a senile person would thaw out his car by putting a blow heater under the hood.

The old jackass should have turned on car`s heater, and waiting inside while his vehicle warmed up.

The old goat`s impatience cost him $56,000, including damage to his home.

The old codger`s wife better not tell him that she feels cold when they`re in bed, instead of bringing her an electric blanket, he might set the bed on fire to warm her up.

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