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Published:February 1st, 2010 12:28 EST

Ambulance Company Demands Payment In Advance

By Robert Paul Reyes


"On a ski holiday to Austria, remember to bring your boots, your hat and -- on the off-chance you might break a leg -- your bank card.

"A German tourist who injured himself while skiing in the Tyrolean Alps this month said he was asked to swipe his bank card before he could be treated, local radio ORF reported Friday." AFP


Anyone who can afford to take a ski holiday in these bleak economic times shouldn`t complain about being required to pay in advance for an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Medical providers shouldn`t get stuck with the bill from a clumsy skier with plenty of discretionary income. Ambulance companies in America that provide service to ski resorts should adopt the same pre-pay policy.

If the Austrian ambulance companies don`t require the foreign tourists to pay in advance, they will probably never be able to collect for their services.

Tourists in Austrian ski resorts would be well-advised never to leave home without their American Express Card.

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