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Published:February 2nd, 2010 17:26 EST
robot maid

Would You Trade In Your Wife For A Robot Maid?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"MESSY homes are set to be terminated by a robot maid that cleans, washes and has 3D vision.

South Korean scientists have developed a walking robot maid which can clean a home, dump clothes in a washing machine and even heat food in a microwave.

robot maid

Mahru-Z has a human-like body including a rotating head, arms, legs and six fingers plus three-dimensional vision to recognise chores that need to be tackled, the Korea Times reports. Read More

The Mahru-Z maid can do almost anything that a real maid can do, but if you want some loving you will have to hire a prostitute in a french maid costume.

If the Mahru-Z maid can take out the trash, and clean my litter box, I`m going to order one.

I`m not too thrilled with some of the features of the robot maid, I can do without the rotating head and the six fingers. That`s like Robo Cop meets The Exorcist!

A robot maid is every guy`s fantasy, we can`t be accused of sexism when we order the mechanical maid to get us a beer or wash our dirty drawers. And the women won`t have to worry about us sleeping with the robot maid, at least not until they make the robot maids more human looking.

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