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Published:February 5th, 2010 09:25 EST
miranda kerr hot

Banker Shouldn't Lose Job Over Viewing Miranda Kerr Pics

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An online campaign has started to save the job of an Australian banker who became an internet sensation after he was caught on live television viewing images of scantily-clad supermodel Miranda Kerr on his computer.

miranda kerr hotThe financial website `Here is the City News` has set up a `Save Dave` page that encourages readers to email the public relations department of Macquarie Bank to save banker David Kiely`s job.

The web campaign lists four reasons for Kiely to keep his job: he seems like a nice bloke; the photographs were not hardcore; he has suffered enough, and there`s just too much political correctness in this world anyway." Reuters

There are a few anal-retentive employees who never surf the Net, but most of us log online at least a couple of times every day.

It could be argued that occasionally browsing the Internet improves productivity and office morale. Checking out a couple of sports sites, and watching the hottest videos on YouTube helps me cope with the boredom and absurdity that prevails in my job.

Let him who has never searched for online pics of Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba be the first to write an unkind tweet about Kiely.

Kiely wasn`t looking at hardcore porn, he was admiring images of scantily-clad supermodel Miranda Kerr. The guy deserves a break -- every working stiff (blue collar or white collar) should help save Dave`s job.

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