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Published:February 5th, 2010 14:13 EST
beer mug

Beer Mug Attacks Cost UK Health Authorities Billions Annualy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Drunken pub fights in Britain are set to get safer with the invention of a strengthened beer glass that health authorities hope will cut the huge bill for treating inebriated brawlers.

beer mugThe traditional pint glass -- which holds just over half a litre of beer and is favoured by drinkers across Britain -- has been redesigned so it is harder to smash, said Design Bridge, the company behind two prototypes.

And even if the new models are smashed, the dangerous shards of glass are held together by a layer of resin, said the company when at a launch event Thursday." AFP
I`m not sure that a strengthened beer glass is the answer, it will prove a more formidable weapon when a drunken lout smashes it over someone`s head.

The real answer is to strengthen and enforce the laws against assault and battery and public drunkenness. We`ve all seen the videos on YouTube of mobs of drunken British youth loitering in the streets.

Glass attacks in Britain cost health authorities almost $5 billion dollars annually. The greatest problem facing the UK isn`t cheap beer glasses, but hooliganism and drunken debauchery.

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