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Published:February 8th, 2010 11:45 EST
caring in america

Caring in America (and the world for that matter)

By Richard Taylor

 Let us get down to brass tacks. Caring about others has gone out the window. For the average citizen, if it`s not happening to them, who cares? Society has gotten into the me-me-me mode. It`s all about me. But in a world of billions of people how can one be so crude. With this kind of attitude people are going to go extinct again. Did I say again? 


  Hmmm, let`s think about this. For the first time society has the gift of going back and looking at these lost civilizations and figuring out just what happened to them, what brought them to their extinction. But then again, we can only surmise as to what brought them to their demise. But still, we have clues. We have the Aztec`s, the Inca`s, the Mayan`s, and a whole host of others. What happened to them. They were so great. 

  Could it be that each and every one of these civilizations got so grandiose that they became delusional about whom they were and forgot how to care about others? They became so wealthy and powerful that all they thought about was getting more. More power and more wealth. But at who`s expense? Was it the average worker? That the kings or whoever ruled at that time forgot about them and took them for granted? They stopped caring about them because they were always there for them no matter what.

  We`ll call them the blue-collar workers of those times. And maybe, just maybe, they had their fill and rose up against the elites and revolted against them because they were no longer cared about. They were just people. Who cared about them? That they were the very infrastructure of what had become a great civilization, they could not see it. So the infrastructure rose up and destroyed those who had become the elite, the white-collar, and thereby bringing about their own end.

  This is the scenario that I think brought them down, and it`s all happening again. Only in today`s world, it is the republicans against the democrats. This great civilization has split into two parties, therefore making them think that they are being more civil. They even have a constitution that was written over two hundred years ago that they swear by. But they can`t see that it was written for those times. The people that wrote it could not see into the future of what the world has become now. It was great for those times, but what about now? It`s been sliced and diced and now resembles Swiss cheese with a "lot" of holes in it.


  Many people aren`t going to like this because change is hard, but we need a new constitution to be written for the times of today. And what we really need is for the two parties to come together and unite. Instead of the republican and the democratic parties, we can start a new one and call it "The United Party", because the adage "united we stand, divided we fall" is very real. And that is where we are headed, for a fall.


  The people of those times that wrote the constitution could not see the corporation that America has turned into. It was written in those times to care for the American citizen, but that has all gone out the window when the corporations came in and seized power. That`s right, they are the power now. They have bought congress, and the Supreme Court has made it legal for them to do so. They have ruled that these corporations can come in and send their lobbyists to Washington and buy democracy. They can spend all they want. This screams of corruption and the end of another great civilization, because the corporations don`t care about what they`re doing to neither the Earth, nor all of the people in it. It`s all in the name of the mighty buck. 

  And who are the owners of these corporations? Google republican corporations and you`ll see. So in the world of today, money rules. The money-mongers would rather continue to suck oil out of the Earth and burn it continuing pollution and global warming so they can make more money off it. But if you can`t breathe, what good is money? And that is but one of the many corporations that don`t care.

  9/11 pulled all of us together for awhile and we started to care for each other, but it stopped there. Why did it take tragedy to pull us together? We are the richest nation on earth, but we still have homeless, starving, and sick people wandering our streets. We need to really start caring for each other or we`ll end up like all of the other civilizations that have disappeared.

  So here is what our lives and our civilizations boil down to, and this is key. Even insects such as ant`s and bee`s know this to be true. In order to survive you have to care for the for the whole hive or colony. And that is what we are, a colony of people. But we have gotten into this me-me-me mode, and money, money, money thinking that is getting all out of hand. You don`t see a bee or an ant hoarding it`s food (money) because it is the "whole" units food, and without it the unit will perish.

  I use the analogy of insects because they have survived for centuries, whereas entire civilizations have up and disappeared. It kind of seems like insects rule, and us smart humans keep on perishing because we just can`t get it. It`s so simple. All we have to do is "care" for each other, and everything will take care of itself. Nuff said.