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Published:February 8th, 2010 10:41 EST
dick cheney

Pakistani Diplomat's Name Translates Into "Biggest Dick" In Arabic

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Saudi Arabia has rejected Pakistan`s nominated diplomat as his name translates into `Biggest Dick` in Arabic.

Akbar Zib, a high profile Pakistani diplomat was nominated for the Saudi post but after some hand-wringing the country had to reject him due to the unfortunate loss in translation.

dick cheney

The diplomatic wrangle appears to bring to life the scene in Monty Python`s Life of Brian where a Roman consort called Biggus Dickus is routinely mocked." Read More

Saudi Arabians aren`t particularly offended when terrorists blew up Western targets, but they get their panties in a bunch because a Pakistani diplomat`s name translates into "Biggest Dick" in Arabic.

I`m not quite sure if the Saudi Arabians are suffering from penis envy or prejudice against Pakistani culture.

The solution is quite plain to anyone who isn`t an anal-retentive prig: Don`t translate the gentleman`s name into Arabic.

It`s quite clear that the Saudi Arabians are the biggest dicks in this affair.

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