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Published:February 12th, 2010 20:20 EST
No Bull! Farmer Makes Valentine's Day Manure Heart For Wife

No Bull! Farmer Makes Valentine's Day Manure Heart For Wife

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bruce Andersland used a manure spreader to create a heart with an arrow through it in a field adjacent to the farmhouse where he and his wife, Beth, live southwest of Albert Lea.

valentine's dayThe heart is so big it`s only recognizable from the air.

Beth Andersland said Friday that her husband of 37 years is known for his creativity and design skills. But she said she`s not used to getting such thoughtful gifts for Valentine`s Day." Read More
Bruce isn`t trying to tell his wife that love stinks, he`s deeply in love with her, and they have been married for 37 years.

I try to be original on Valentine`s Day and I`ve made cards using Microsoft Paint, but Bruce takes the cake.

It`s all a matter of perspective, Bruce`s neighbors may think that his manure valentine is bull crap, but his wife views it a sweet expression of love. She told reporters that "It`s kind of cute."

Bruce`s wife may be pleased with the giant heart made out of manure, but I hope he also gave her a ton of room freshener.

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