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Published:February 12th, 2010 16:29 EST

Old Dude Robs Banks To Pay For Mortgage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tampa, Florida - Looking more like a grandpa than a wanted bank robber, 73-year-old James Bruce toddled front and center at Orient Road Jail.

handcuffsBruce was arrested on Thursday after detectives said he was robbing banks to pay his mortgage.

According to a criminal report, Bruce walked into three different banks in south Tampa. Each time, investigators allege, he would request $600 in $100-dollar bills then pass a handwritten note to the teller, `No alarms and wait 4 minutes.`"

This elderly thug is being treated with kids gloves simply because of his age. The clueless judge set bond at only $22,000, and ordered the old codger to stay out of the banks that he robbed.

If the judge had set a 19-year-old kid who robbed several banks free on bail, he would be ridden on a rail out of town.

I don`t have a smidgen of sympathy for the old devil, all of us, young and old, are having a tough time paying our bills in these hard economic times.

The 73-year-old monster should spend the rest of his life behind bars, where he won`t have to worry about paying his mortgage.

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