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Published:February 12th, 2010 18:15 EST
valentine's day

Some Dudes Opt for Anatomy-Boosting Underwear For Valentine's Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hundreds of British men are risking a Valentine`s Day anticlimax for their partners by stocking up on anatomy-boosting underpants ahead of the most romantic weekend of the year.

British department store group Debenhams said Thursday it had seen a 76 percent surge in online sales of the 18 pounds-a-pair ($28) underwear in the past week.

The pants work by using a lift and hold feature at the front, like a male version of the cleavage-boosting Wonderbra."


Most men give their sweethearts roses or chocolates for Valentine`s Day, a few idiots buy anatomy-boosting underpants in a desperate bid to impress their lovers.

Especially if it`s the first time that a man hopes to become intimate with a lady, he shouldn`t wear drawers that make him look like he`s got a supersized package.

If a lady thinks she`s hit the jackpot because of your anatomy-boosting underwear, but it turns out you look like Pee Wee Herman after a cold swim, she`s liable to kick you to the curb.

Deceit and trickery always results in shame and embarrassment. Accept yourself the way you are, remember it`s not the size of the ship, it`s the motion of the ocean.

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