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Published:February 13th, 2010 13:16 EST
valentine's day

Valentine's Day Scam In Nigeria?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Nigerian pentecostal church on Saturday announced that it was charging a fee of 2,000 naira (13 dollars, eight euros) for connecting would-be lovers on Valentine`s Day.

valentine's dayThe House of God Fellowship Church, located near a Lagos prison, is charging the fee to defray the cost of a seminar, marriage counselling, music and entertainment during the love event, spokesman Michael Uchebuaku told AFP.

`The event is purely for singles. There was a large turnout of would-be lovers when the `Love Connection Valentine`s Singles` event was staged for the first time last year,` he said."


Nigeria and scams are synonymous, There isn`t a single person in the world who hasn`t received an email from a Nigerian scammer. In Nigeria a baby learns how to pull of a scam before he learns how to walk.

Churches in America are notorious for fleecing the ignorant and the stupid, I can only imagine the depravity of the churches in Nigeria. How convenient that "The House of God Fellowship Church" is located near a prison, they probably set up lonely hearts with prisoners.

It`s unseemly for a church to hold a "Love Connection Valentine`s Singles" event, and to charge the participants is outrageous and immoral.

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