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Published:February 14th, 2010 18:59 EST
obama mask

Dude Wearing Barack Obama Mask Tries To Rob Bank That Wasn't Open

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A hapless bank robber fled empty-handed when he turned up at the branch - on early closing day.

obama maskBaffled staff - taking part in a training session - watched in amusement as he hammered on the door with his gun demanding to be let in, say police in Kirchheim, Austria.

The would-be crook - wearing a Barack Obama mask - eventually fled to his getaway car without gaining a cent on Wednesday.".

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The bank robber`s first mistake was not doing enough research before trying to rob the bank. At the very least he should have found out what the bank was open.

The bank robber`s second mistake was choosing a Barack Obama mask, the president is as intimidating as an angry Chihuahua. If the crook had been wearing a Dick Cheney mask, the bank`s staff would have been trembling in fear instead of laughing hysterically.

Maybe it wasn`t a mask and it really was Barack Obama, The US is broke and the president has to get money from somewhere!

You can tell that the Barack Obama magic has worn off, at one time Obama was so popular that the bank`s staff would have let the robber in just because he looked like Obama.

The robber needs to find another line of work, something easier, like washing cars or feeding Oprah Winfrey bon bons.

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