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Published:February 14th, 2010 20:35 EST

Truth is Paramount - But What is the Truth?

By Richard Taylor

I am going to start this off with an understanding that truth is paramount to our lives and what we believe that the truth is. It is my experience that our politicians and our military have what they call the truth. It may not be right, but it is what they would have us to believe. Truth is relative. What is your truth? So truth comes down to a belief, right? So if we as a community or a nation believe it is right to put a person to death, then it is right. But is it? Have we placed ourselves in the position of God to make this judgment?

tell the truth


Since my stroke I awakened into a world of craziness. And one of the craziest things I have come to realize is that the dollar is mightier than life in the United States. As I write this, Barack Obama has been elected president and has started on one of the many things he must do to bring rightness to America. He is fighting to get his health care reform passed. The Republicans and the health insurance industry are putting up a mighty fight to stop it. We will call them the status quo ". The Republicans are called the conservatives. They don`t want change.


Does that mean that they are the people that are well off and want to keep it that way because they don`t care about others. I don`t know, but it sounds like it. Gee, it`s too bad that your life sucks, but mine does not, so f "k-off ". Isn`t this supposed to be America, where everybody is equal, life is good, and we have the tools to make starvation, homelessness, and medically ill a thing of the past. We`re great, but shouldn`t that greatness extend to everybody on her soil. Not according to them. Our politics needs to be reinvented; And Obama is just the one to do it.


I have to admit that I became politically resigned because it seemed that no matter what, my vote didn`t make a difference because of the Electoral College. I still think it`s wrong. But when Obama ran, people came out of the closets and made the difference. We are off on a political revolution, and I hope it doesn`t stop. Many Americans have either forgotten how to think or just plain stopped because it seemed useless. America is making history with Obama, but he has many obstacles to overcome.


The insurance industries are pulling out all stops and spending millions of dollars trying to stop health reform. It`s because it will hurt their bottom line, which is the buck. It doesn`t matter to them that people are dying. They just want the dollar. Isn`t it time America wakes up and see them for what they truly are? They are bottom feeders getting rich at your expense. They are the death panels that decides if you live or die by not covering you for some lame excuse they make up. Why can`t Republicans see themselves for what they are? And once again, I have to say I`m not saying this to denounce them, they are Americans too. I`m hoping they will wake up and become the spiritual people that they really are. Bless them.


And the other crazy thing I see in America is it`s the speed at which you die that decides if it was a capital offense or not. Let me clarify this. In this crazy world the truth always gets twisted to make a lie seem to be the truth. It`s true that smoking and drinking will eventually kill you, but it`s real slow, so that makes it okay. So the people that make alcohol and tobacco get rich off of us killing ourselves, but it`s slow so it`s okay. It`s hufit ", which means, How unbelievably f--ed up is that "?

Then there`s the attorney`s and lawyers. I will liken them to mind wizards. If you have enough money to go out and hire a good one (A good one means he will get you off on whatever you have done wrong) you can kill someone, sell dope, and a plethora of other things. When they went to school for this they are basically trained in how to get a jury to believe what they tell them as the truth, and to place doubt in their minds. Hufit. The institutes don`t go to the extent of teaching them morality. If they did then these people wouldn`t be able to find a lawyer to represent them.


But all in all, a lot of this stems from the government`s willingness to let drugs flow into our great nation. And it`s a form of control. Hey people, this is America. Isn`t it supposed to be about freedom rather than control? There are millions of people out there that are addicted to alcohol (and we made it legal) and drugs, and our government lets us do this. Why? It`s a form of control over the masses of people. And these addicted people are crying out for help, but the kind of help they get is imprisonment, for these drugs cause them to go out and do bad things to get more of what they`re addicted to.


Then the government agencies warehouse them in privatized prisons (Privatized prisons have become a corporation in themselves), and the government confiscates all of these peoples belongings like houses and cars because they are associated with drugs, and auctions them off. The so-called war on drugs has become a money making corporation. I will say this a lot. It`s all about the buck. It`s not about people`s lives being ruined, not when there`s money involved.

We can spend six billion dollars a month on the so-called war in Iraq, (I think the Bush administration did it for control over the oil, but that`s just my opinion) but we can`t protect our own borders from drugs coming in? Like I said, I think they do it on purpose. It`s all a finely orchestrated conspiracy for control of us American citizens. I know what I`m talking about. Read my first book. Just think about it.


If we spent just a fraction of what we do over in Iraq we wouldn`t have any drugs on our streets. It`s also a form of oppression. I hope President Obama can see this and do something about it. And we can take it one step farther. We can impose the death penalty for anyone caught dealing drugs, for in essence they are taking your life away, killing you. Just think about it. They would disappear and America would be healthy again. And that`s the truth and I`m stickin to it.