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Published:February 18th, 2010 13:50 EST
kid screaming

In Germany Kids Have Right To Drive Adults Crazy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kids in Berlin are free to make as much din as they like from Wednesday after the entry into force of changes to the city`s noise pollution laws which now `tolerate` their racket.

kid screamingAfter complaints by residents living near play-areas and leisure centres, Berlin has changed its legislation to state that "the disturbing noise made by children is ... fundamentally and socially tolerable.`

Until now, only church bells, emergency service sirens, snow ploughs and tractors were exempt from laws governing noise."

There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that tolerates screaming kids. I wish a Stephen King "Under The Dome" type dome would descend on every playground in America.

Anything is more tolerable than brats making a racket; I`d rather be subjected to ambulance sirens, or even the nerve-wracking sounds of cats mating.

Residents who live near play-areas shouldn`t have to put up with caterwauling tykes. Parents should keep their kids home in a sound-proof basement.

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