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Published:February 20th, 2010 13:43 EST
high heel

Dude Beaten With High-Heel On Waffle House Valentine's Day Date

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pooler police say violence erupted during one couple`s Valentine`s Day outing, as the suitor`s former lover burst into the restaurant and beat the man with her high-heel shoe.
hig heel
Early Sunday morning, officers were called to the Waffle House at 1012 E. U.S. 80, finding a `blood-covered floor and tables in a state of disarray,` according an incident report filed by Pooler police.
A 33-year-old man had suffered cuts and scrapes on his face, marks left by the `spiked heel from a shoe,` police reported.
This is a Valentine`s Day tale for the trailer park community. A normal couple will celebrate Valentine`s Day dinner at Red Lobster, with the lady tastefully dressed in a cocktail dress and high-heels. A low-life couple will go to the Waffle House, and the man will end getting hit with a spiked-heel by an ex-lover.
The man, to his credit, didn`t strike back at the woman while she was pummeling him with her shoe. But when she went out to the parking lot and damaged the man`s car, he beat the holy hell out of her. Listen Y`all, never mess with a redneck`s car.
The moral of this story is quite clear: If you go to a nice restaurant for dinner the ambience will include subdued lighting, soothing music, and perhaps candles. If you go to Waffle House, don`t be surprised if the floor is covered in blood, and you end up needing a couple of stitches.
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