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Published:February 28th, 2010 12:07 EST

Dozens Of Tanks Found Abandoned In Russian Forest

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Russians were amazed to discover dozens of T-80 battle tanks seemingly abandoned in a local forest, but army officials insisted there was nothing unusual about it.

tanksTheir presence was revealed after a local news website posted a video of the tanks, covered in a deep layer of snow and resting peacefully between the railroad and the woods with no military personnel in sight.

A spokesman for the Volga-Urals Military District, the branch of the Russian army which oversees the area, said the tanks were being transported to a storage site as part of a routine logistical operation.

`It is entirely possible they could have been filmed on video. This is not a military secret, and placing a guard next to each vehicle is impossible.`"AFP
Thank goodness for YouTube and similar video-sharing sites, they not only feature videos of cute cats and stupid human tricks, but they are also a vehicle to expose government corruption and ineptitude.

Nearly 100 tanks were kept in a forest with the equivalent of a Barney Fife to protect them, and the Russian government claims it`s no big deal. Placing a guard next to each vehicle may have been impractical, but they should have been secured by several armed guards.

Imagine if Chechen rebels got a hold of a few of those tanks, they could cause a lot of damage.

What`s really horrifying beyond words is that Russia was lackadaisical about safeguarding its nuclear materials and nuclear devices after fall of the Soviet Empire. God only knows how many suitcase nuclear bombs are in the hands of rogue states, or even terrorists.

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