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Published:February 28th, 2010 17:47 EST

The Magical and Mysterious Illusion

By Richard Taylor

This is really going to bend your mind, but after much research, I know it is all true. For you to comprehend what I`m going to reveal you must first open your mind and transcend to all the possibilities that are out there. After suffering a stroke back at the dawn of the new millennium, an angel visited me and touched me on my forehead and said, "There, now everything is okay."I woke up the next morning and realized I had suffered a stroke, whereas before I had been in la` la` land.

Mysterious Illusion


I had been so stroked out that it took me some months to remember and realize what she had done to me. It took the hospital calling me up and telling me to come and get my boom box I had left there. I had never owned a boom box. But it made me remember that my Angel was the one that brought it. Up until then I had thought it was all an illusion, but I realized then that it wasn`t. The miracles continued to happen.


After I left the stroke ward I was at a loss as to what to do with my life. I was a machinist but didn`t feel that to be calling me. My oldest sister told me that the hospital by where she lived was training people to become certified nurse`s aides, so I went and applied. That was where I met my soul-mate. She is left-handed, as am I, and has the same middle name as I do. It was another miracle.


People call this a coincidence, but I know better. There are no accidents or coincidences in this world of illusions. They are all meant to be. It is all a part of the experience and learning of life. But they are all explained away and taken for granted. In order for us to evolve we need to recognize them for what they are. Recognize means to re-know. We already know this in our unconscious, but do not see it in our consciousness. This is a deep field of thinking, so I will leave you to dwell on it for awhile.


My soul-mate and I wed, for we can see it is meant to be. She inspires me to become a more spiritual person. Not in a religious way, but in the way of realizing the spiritual people we all truly are. Normally a person would delve into the Bible, but I am not a normal person. I am more. I began with reading the Conversations with God`s books. I know a lot of people don`t believe in them for they are not old like the Bible, and how can somebody have a conversation with God. People can believe it if it happened two thousand years ago, but not today? What`s the difference?


Could the difference be time? When I read them they resonated with the feeling of truth and honesty. In them they sound more like the God I would want to know, not a mean and vengeful one that would strike you down if you didn`t do what He says, as the Bible portrays Him. He is more than just a God. He is "The All` of everything. We just can`t see it because of the illusion.


This launched me on my study of quantum physics, the universe, our reality, (we call it real, but it really isn`t), the near death experience, and the nature of God, whom I call "The All`, and through this I learned how the impossible can become possible. How all of this becomes possible is through the matrix of our brain. Many doctors and scientists still can`t explain where our memory is stored in it, but they have their theories. Mine is that it is in the aura that encompasses our body. We can`t see it, so as the scientists say If you can`t prove it, it therefore doesn`t exist. We are dealing with the unseen here. There is much we can`t see, but we know it exists, such as electricity. We can`t see it, but we can measure it, and it powers all of our many devices.


There are also all of the radio and cell phone waves and frequencies just floating around out there in what we call empty space, but how can it be empty? Think about it. In order for something to go through something, it has to have a medium to go through. Fish swimming around out in the ocean have the medium of water. Jets flying through the air are flying through much more than just air.


The air and the speed of the aircraft isn`t enough in itself for 350,000 pounds to glide around in. There is more, we just can`t see it. It is a field of energy. But there we go again, if you can`t prove it, it doesn`t exist. Just think and allow your common sense to step in and tell you what is really true.


Cement walls and bricks must not be as solid as we perceive them to be, otherwise how would your cell phone signals go right through them to connect with the person you are calling? Everything is made up of atoms, and these atoms do not touch each other. In the micro world, there is a force that keeps them from doing so. If it weren`t for this force, everything would blend into one great big glob, and then you would really have chaos. It`s the reason you don`t fall right through your chair when you sit on it.


Actually, when you sit on a chair, you are not really sitting on it. You are not even touching it. But you say sure I am. I can feel it. That, my friends, is the matrix of your brain telling you everything is real. It`s the illusion that your brain is making real for you. Kind of trippy, huh? What you are feeling is the force between the atoms of your body and the atoms of the chair.


People think that when they hear the word illusion that it means it isn`t real. Here`s one definition. An unreal image presented to the bodily or mental vision, a deceptive appearance, and a false show. But your brain is telling you that it is real, you can see it, touch it, and even smell it. It just isn`t what it appears to be, but it is very real. Or so you think. Color is another of the many illusions we experience.


Color is a visual response to wavelengths of light. Frequencies if you may. Light is perceived on the retina as a stimulus and is processed into a perception of color in our brain. Say you are looking at a pumpkin. Your brain is telling you that it is orange. What is actually happening is the pumpkin is absorbing all of the frequencies of light that match the pumpkins frequencies. All of the other frequencies that don`t match are reflected to your retina and processed by your brain as the color of the pumpkin. And it comes up with the color of orange. And this happens with everything you see. Color is an illusion.


Let us delve into the illusion of time. You say for sure it exists, but it is all a construct of your brain, your consciousness. Einstein has proven that time and space can bend. They are not a constant. If you leave Earth for a period of time, time slows down, so when you returned everyone will have aged more than you. I saw a video with the physicist Michio Kaku on time. He put a subject a few stories up in the air in a harness attached to a cable with a net at the bottom to catch him in. On his wrist he had a device that had a set of three numbers going across the face of it so fast that it just looked like a red line going across it.


When the subject was dropped from the cable he was instructed to watch this device and see if he could tell what the numbers were. He could tell what two of the three numbers were. The third one was close to looking like another number, but he couldn`t tell which one. Have you ever been in an accident where time seems to slow down to where you can see each specific event? Many people have, and here is what I conclude from it. A chemical is released in a time of drama into your brain that slows down time. So time cannot be a constant. It really is a construct of your brain. But it seems so real that you are going to argue that time does exist. And in your brain, it does.


An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. When illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. So when a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? No. But many people are going to argue that it does. And here is the reason why it makes no sound. Sound is different pulsations of the medium, or air if you will.


It has no sound to it. But when it reaches your ear, as in the tree falling, your eardrum and your brain interprets it as a sound. In reality, it is nothing but air waves moving around at different speeds, and your ear, being the receiver, translates it into a sound. If there is no receiver, there is no sound. Pretty crazy, but that`s the world we live in. A world of illusions that we all think is real. And then there is taste, smell, and touch. You can Google any of these illusions of senses and see all of the evidence, it`s all there. But as the one guy says in the movie "The Matrix,` I want to be put back in the matrix with no memory of what it really is. I like the taste of a nice steak. And this brings me to one of the biggest illusions available to our senses and lives. It is the illusion of space that I got from Here is what it has to say.


In 1982, at the institute of Applied Physics and Theoretical Optics at the University of Paris, physicist Alain Aspect made probably the most profound discovery in the history of science. He and a team of scientists proved that the world that we live in is non-local or non-separable. In other words, space, as we perceive it to be, does not exist. It is just an illusion of our senses. We are all part of one huge ocean of energy and literally nothing separates you from anything else. The separation you see is an illusion caused by the five physical senses you have. All `space` is filled with energy, the same energy that makes up you and everything else. It is just that your five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell do not detect the many other different types of forms that exist in the universe. Einstein and other quantum scientists have proven that all physical matter, including the human body, is made up of energy packets that are not bound by space and time. Science has also proven that the mind has no boundaries. Is thought energy then?


My conclusion is yes, our thoughts are energy. We are all much more than we believe we are. We don`t realize how powerful our beliefs are, especially when they are used as a collective. Here is my profound theory on how the Pyramids and the other wonders on Earth were done. There is much controversy on ancient UFO`s. I think they were here, and they showed the ancient civilizations how they could use the power of their beliefs in unison to accomplish the amazing feats such as the Pyramids.


I`ve watched many documentaries that have tried to figure how they built the Pyramids and even with our technology they can`t figure a plausible way of how they did it. They figure that a block had to be in place every two and a half minutes to construct it in the time they did. There is no way they did it pulling these blocks up ramps and to place them so precisely that you cannot even put a butter knife in between them.


Here is how they did it. Einstein has proven that mass equal`s energy, right? That being the case, they put their collective thoughts together and changed the mass of the blocks into energy, put them in place, and changed them back again. I know many people will say I`m crazy for even thinking this, but I say wake up and use your common sense and realize who we truly are and what magnificent beings we are.


To put this all together, you must at some time wake up and realize we are all living a dream (or nightmare), and when we wake up we`ll find we have been in Heaven all this time we thought we were here in the illusion. We are in this magical land, and we have a choice to make. Do we stay in this illusion we have because we like the taste of steak, or do we wake up and find we`ve been in Heaven the whole time? The choice is yours. Amen.