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Published:March 1st, 2010 14:42 EST
Nepalese Celebrate 10-Day Cursing Festival

Nepalese Celebrate 10-Day Cursing Festival

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Each year, Nepalese youth in two villages in the south of the Himalayan country save up their choicest insults for a 10-day `cursing festival` that reaches its climax Sunday.

The youngsters in the neighbouring villages of Parsawa and Laxmipur hurl insults at each other, their neighbours, villagers and passers-by -- and then laugh.

They gather in parks and other areas around straw heaped in the shape of a phallus to launch into the insults." AFP

At first I thought this was a freakin` ridiculous idea, but upon further consideration it doesn`t sound so crazy.

I do my best not to use obscene language, but when I`m at the checkout line in the grocery store, and I see Snooki, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton staring at me from tabloid covers, it`s almost impossible not to utter profanity.

A lot of adults struggle to get their swearing under control, and a "cursing festival" might work better than having your mouth washed out with soap. Ten days of cursing everyone under the sun will cure anyone from using profane language. I`m sure that by the tenth day even the person with the dirtiest mouth cringes when he shouts out a vulgar word.

But what the (&(7!!*** is up with the *!!$^*) straw phallus?

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