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Published:March 3rd, 2010 15:07 EST

Would You Buy A Pothole?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A cash-strapped village in eastern Germany has put its many potholes up for sale in a novel effort to finance the repair of its crumbling roads, the mayor said on Wednesday.


People can buy a hole in Niederzimmern near Leipzig for 50 euros (68 dollars). In return the authorities will repair it -- and put a personal message on top, Christoph Schmidt-Rose told local radio station MDR. AFP

Some potholes have already been sponsored by TV stations and newspapers. This is a unique and effective means of advertising, the public will be grateful to the companies that have bought potholes.

Many potholes will also be purchased by individuals, witness how many vanity plates there are on the road. There will never be a bridge or a school named after me, but it would be cool to have a pothole bearing my name. I`m not the only one with this mindset, there`s a lot of publicity whores.

This is a form of graffiti for civic-minded persons, you can leave your tag on the road and not feel guilty.

In these hard economic times many municipalities are facing deep budget cuts, and there`s not enough money to repair potholes. This is a terrific idea that appeals to an individual`s sense of civic duty as well as to his vanity. Whatever it takes to get those potholes fixed!

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