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Published:March 4th, 2010 15:20 EST
don't do drugs

Clueless Junkie Snorts Drugs Off The Roof Of Unmarked Patrol Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"German police detained a nightclub reveller they caught trying to snort amphetamines off the top of their unmarked patrol car.

don't do drugsThe man had no idea the normal looking vehicle belonged to the police, and it was coincidence that the officers -- who were walking by their parked car -- discovered him just as he was about to take the drugs."


It isn`t unusual for fights to break out in a nightclub parking lot, therefore almost all nightclub parking lots are protected by cameras. Only a fool would snort amphetamines of the hood of a car in nightclub parking lot. It`s incorrect to say that this guy got a bad break, because this type of bad luck would only happen to a fool.

The hapless junkie should have snorted drugs in the restroom of the nightspot like anybody else with half a brain. Disco restrooms are used by people doing drugs more than they are by folks needing to relieve themselves.

If video footage of the incident exists it should be made into a PSA and aired on TV: This is your brain on drugs!

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