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Published:March 9th, 2010 19:20 EST

Idiot Buys Vials Containing Ghosts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two glass vials said to contain the ghosts of an old man and a young girl have been sold online in New Zealand for nearly 2,000 US dollars.

ghostAvie Woodbury, from the southern city of Christchurch, said she put the bottled spirits up for sale after an exorcist from a spiritualist church captured two ghosts in her home and put them in vials of `holy water.`"


Avie can`t be sued for fraud because there`s no way to prove that the vials don`t contain ghosts. I could sell my soul on eBay and not be sued for fraud, how could anyone prove that my Box of Count Chocula cereal doesn`t contain my soul? But nobody would would buy my soul, who`s gonna buy that a cynical columnist has a soul? I think I would have better luck selling a Frisbee, and claiming it`s a flying saucer, UFO believers are so gullible.

Some of you may be thinking that you aren`t as gullible as the person who bought the ghosts, but do you bless yourself with holy water when you are entering a Catholic church? If you believe there`s anything holy about that water, you are as silly and superstitious as the clown who bought the ghosts.

If I want a bottle with spirits in it, I will get myself a bottle of whiskey. I could use a stiff drink now contemplating all the stupid people in the world.

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