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Published:April 3rd, 2010 10:20 EST
old lady

Old Lady Causes Havoc At Hair Salon

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Some ladies at a Grand Rapids salon had quite the hair-raising experience Thursday.

old ladyThursday morning a customer tried to make the place into a drive-thru." Read More

Here`s a brief synopsis of what happened on that fateful day:

An 82-year-old lady crashed her car through the front window of the hair salon, and stuck around afterward for an appointment to get her hair done.

This wasn`t a case of a Toyota sudden acceleration problem, the old hag was driving a Ford Fusion. This was an Alzheimers-caused sudden acceleration, the old woman stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake.

Two people were injured, but the old woman brazenly stuck around to have her hair done. If I crashed my car through the front door of my barber shop, I wouldn`t have the gall to stick around for a haircut and a shave. I would be afraid that the barber would cut my throat, and then kick me to the curb.

But old folks think they can get away with anything. If I were the proprietor of the hair salon I would have told the old woman: Get the hell out of my shop! You ain`t getting your blue hair dye special!

The old reprobate probably also had the nerve to ask one of the customers to drive her home. She shouldn`t be driving, that`s for sure, but I wouldn`t have given her a ride home.

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