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Published:April 5th, 2010 09:46 EST
easter bunny

Idiot Cop Issues Tickets Dressed Like Easter Bunny

By Robert Paul Reyes


"He was just trying to lighten things up while issuing tickets at pedestrian crossings, but police officer Tom Broadway had to ditch his Easter Bunny disguise when city officials charged his stunt was `breathtakingly dangerous.`

easter bunnyBroadway 27 tickets to motorists who failed to stop when he was walking across a designated pedestrian crossing.

City officials, however, were not amused, and Broadway now is back on his beat in a more ordinary disguise: shorts and T-shirt." AFP

This cop`s prank isn`t funny at Easter, or during any other time of the year. Nobody likes to be issued a ticket by a cop, especially when he`s dressed like the Easter bunny. I`m surprised an outraged motorist didn`t plug him full of holes, in LA people have been shot for much less.

By dressing as a bunny Broadway was a bigger menace to traffic safety than the motorists who failed to stop for pedestrians. The foolish cop could have caused traffic accidents by distracting drivers with his ridiculous bunny costume.

Broadway claims he was just trying to "lighten things up", but if I`m issued a ticket by a cop dressed like a giant bunny, well let` just say I won`t be making any donations to any police sponsored charities.

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