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Published:April 5th, 2010 09:37 EST
topless march

Women Hold Topless March In Maine

By Robert Paul Reyes


"About two dozen women marched topless from Longfellow Square to Tommy`s Park this afternoon in an effort to erase what they see as a double standard on male and female nudity.

topless march

The women, preceded and followed by several hundred boisterous and mostly male onlookers, many of them carrying cameras, stayed on the sidewalk because they hadn`t obtained a demonstration permit to walk in the street. About a thousand people gathered as the march passed through Monument Square, a mix of demonstrators, supporters, onlookers and those just out enjoying a warm and sunny early-spring day." Read More

Forget Easter egg hunts and boring sermons, I hope the topless march becomes an Easter tradition.

The organizer said that the point of the march was that a topless woman shouldn`t attract any more attention than a man who walks around sans shirt. Her glorious topless march proved just the opposite, there wouldn`t have been hundreds of onlookers if a bunch of guys marched shirtless.

In Maine it`s not illegal for a lady to be topless in public, so I fail to see the point of the march. But who cares if the demonstration was pointless, no dude is going to complain about a topless march.

If the organizers were also trying to de-sexualize and demystify breasts, they must be smoking some really good stuff. Sorry ladies, but dudes will always stare at a pretty topless woman.

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