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Published:April 18th, 2010 10:22 EST

It's Legal To Give A Cop The Finger

By Robert Paul Reyes


"There is no doubt about it - people can legally give police officers the finger and tell them ``

It isn`t polite, but the Olathe Police Department found out recently that responding with a ticket can be costly.


In the latest in a long line of such cases nationwide, Olathe last week agreed that its insurance company would pay $5,000 after an officer ticketed a man for disorderly conduct for those two actions.

The driver, Scott Schaper, will get $4,000 and the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas and Western Missouri will get $1,000 for legal fees. Olathe police also must train officers that they have to take such abuse." Read More

I realize that police officers are hard-working public servants, but all of us who cherish the First Amendment applaud this legal victory.

In these had economic times many municipalities are trying to increase their coffers by urging police officers to issue more tickets. Instead of chasing criminals too many officers are parked on a side road for hours waiting to nab a citizen for going a few miles over the speed limit.

Scott Schaper was slapped with a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign, naturally he flipped the officer the bird as he was driving away. The zealous cop then issued him another ticket for disorderly conduct.

It`s not wise to give a cop the finger, but the obscene act qualifies as constitutionally protected free speech.

Scott is a lucky man, he got $4,000 for telling a cop to go f*** himself.

Thanks goodness for the American Civil Liberties Union, they are always hard at work protecting our civil rights.

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