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Published:April 19th, 2010 12:47 EST
lady gaga

Lady Gaga To Perform On American Idol May 5th

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga will appear on American Idol on May 5th, the pop singer tweeted on Friday.

"See you on American Idol. May 5th, Little Monsters," she wrote...

The 24-year-old first appeared on the Idol stage in April of 2009, to perform her No. 1 hit, `Poker Face`" Read more

American Idol seems to be losing some steam this year, the long-running hit needs the sizzle that Lady Gaga always brings to the table.

Ryan Seacrest has been trying to liven things up, but his crazy antics only serve to make him look like a fool.

I hope Lady Gaga will mentor the American Idol hopefuls, her first order of business should be to pimp slap the poker face out of Lee Dewyze.

She can help Aaron Kelly by sleeping with him -- give homeboy something to sing about.

Tim Urban`s smile will only take him so far, a Lady Gaga metrosexual makeover might make him the next American Idol.

Crystal could certainly benefit from Lady Gaga`s magic touch, she should let Lady Gaga work her mojo on her. Crystal`s Lesbian Earth Goddess look is boring, Lady Gaga could transform her into a lipstick lesbian hottie.

Not sure what Lady Gaga can do for Big Mike, maybe force him to wear lavender hotpants and a pink wig?

What American Idol really needs from Lady Gaga is to have her serve as a judge. Only Lady Gaga can save American Idol once Simon Cowell steps down as a judge.

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