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Published:April 20th, 2010 10:54 EST

Mayor Compares Himself To Jesus Christ And Opponent To Adolph Hitler

By Robert Paul Reyes


"North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is facing fresh criticism after comparing himself to Jesus on the cross.

jesus chrsitIn an email about reports he urinated on a tree after drinking at a Takapuna restaurant, he wrote to councillors: `Yes two blokes got cru­ci­fied this week "and both will most cer­tainly rise from the dead to come back to haunt a few people!!`" Read More

There`s never a good time to compare yourself to Jesus Christ, but comparing yourself to the Messiah after urinating on a tree is incredibly bad timing.

The clueless mayor sent his email comparing himself to Jesus Christ on April 4, Easter Sunday. It wouldn`t have been so bad if he has sent his letter on April 1, April Fools Day.

If I got into trouble for drunkenly urinating on a tree, I would compare myself to Pee Wee Herman, not Jesus Christ.

Mayor Williams complains that he was crucified by the press, and that he will rise from the dead to haunt a few people. The Mayor is a piece of work, he`s pulled many crazy stunts in his tenure as Mayor, including posting a photoshopped picture of a political opponent looking like Adolf Hitler on his Facebook page. The press can write his political obituary, and he won`t be coming back from the dead.

The moral of this article: Never compare yourself to Jesus Christ, or an opponent to Adolph Hitler.

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