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Published:May 11th, 2010 20:57 EST
toilet paper

Toilet Paper Bandit Nabbed By Cops

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lincoln police say they arrested a man that had his face covered with toilet paper and robbed a convenience store.

toilet paperLPD said 29-year-old Joshua Nelson of Lincoln was armed with a knife when he robbed the Kabredlo`s near 17th and Washington on Saturday, April 24th. He got an undisclosed amount of cash and then ran off." Read More

Joshua Nelson achieved notoriety as the "Toilet Paper Bandit", but his dubious fame won`t serve him very well in prison. A moniker like "The Sawed-Off Shotgun Robber" will give you street cred behind bars, but Nelson`s nickname will only guarantee that he`s going be somebody`s (rhymes with witch) in prison.

This clown was too cute by half, a ski mask would have served his purpose. Covering his face with toilet paper makes him look like an idiot, and there`s always a chance that the toilet paper will fall off his face.

This case is all wrapped up, and the Toilet Paper Bandit will go through hundreds of rolls of toilet paper before he`s released from prison.

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