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Published:May 12th, 2010 17:23 EST
gospel singers

Gospel Singers Gone Wild

By Robert Paul Reyes

According to wire reports two gospel singers played for several Georgia churches, then stole $1000,000 worth of speakers, microphones and other musical equipment.

gospel singersDeshawn Rico Thomas, 28, and Rico Pionegro Blackshear, 28, have each been charged with nine counts of theft by taking and nine counts of burglary.

The obvious lesson to be learned is don`t trust anyone who goes by three names. I`m just kidding, I always use my middle name, and I`ve never stolen anything in my life.

The real lesson of this story is that we shouldn`t trust anyone, not even gospel singers. People are basically untrustworthy, and we should always insure our possessions. I hope the churches had the foresight to be insured against theft.

I can`t get over the chutzpah of the gospel singers, they ministered to the congregations, and then later at night they robbed them blind.

There must be a special place in hell reserved for these two clowns.

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