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Published:May 29th, 2010 14:44 EST
bank robber

Unarmed Bank Robber Makes Getaway On Bike & Crashes Into Cop Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man suspected of robbing a downtown bank Thursday afternoon and who fled the scene on a bike crashed into a police car and hit the ground, with cash spilling out of his backpack, according to Anchorage police. The suspect, Christopher Todd Mayer, 45, was arrested and was taken in for questioning, police said."

bank robber

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This hapless bank robber isn`t a hardened criminal, his actions demonstrate that he`s a considerate and decent person.

Mayer`s getaway vehicle is environmentally-friendly, if all bank robbers used a bicycle to escape the scene of the crime it would help reduce harmful emissions.

A bike is also people-friendly, many robbers have injured or killed people when they run them over trying to make a quick getaway. If a bystander is hit by a robber fleeing on a bike, chances are that he won`t be seriously hurt.

Mayer didn`t brandish a gun, he politely ask for cash and the bank teller obliged by stuffing his packback with dollar bills.

I hope the authorities have mercy on this decent, but misguided individual.

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