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Published:June 13th, 2010 12:32 EST

Does Calvin Klein Cologne Attract Cougars?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Biologists tracking jaguars in the Guatemalan jungle might smell nice but it`s all in the name of science, with researchers finding the Calvin Klein cologne Obsession for Men attracts big cats.

COUGARSBiologists Rony Garcia and Jose Moreira from the Wildlife Conservation Society`s (WCS) Jaguar Conservation Program say they use hidden cameras as a primary source for observing and tracking jaguars in Guatemala`s Maya Biosphere Reserve.

But they also rely on Obsession for Men, a cologne known for its complex scent, to help lure then research and hopefully ultimately preserve jaguars in the Central American country." Reuters

If I ever visit a Guatemalan or African jungle, I will have to remember not to wear "Obsession for Men."

I`ve been to a safari park where visitors are allowed to ride their vehicles to observe freely roaming animals. The next time I go to a wildlife park I won`t wear any cologne, I wouldn`t want any of the larger animals to look at me with amorous intentions.

But what`s really scary is if I dab on some "Obsession for Men", and I attract the attention of cougars. I`d rather be chased by Freddy Krurger, than attract the attention of a Madonna. Freddy`s glove armed with razors may seriously hurt me, but Madonna`s wrinkled hands will make my heart stop cold.

I am going to get rid of all my Calvin Klein colognes, I don`t want any cougars preying on me.

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