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Published:June 20th, 2010 11:09 EST

British Hotel Chain Premier Inn Bans Vuvuzelas

By Robert Paul Reyes


"British hotel chain Premier Inn said Saturday it was banning the use of vuvuzelas after a manager was kept awake by England fans blowing the plastic horns.

vuvuzela`At the Newcastle Central hotel last night fans were blowing the horns in the bar during the match (between England and Algeria) and right outside the hotel as they left to go on to clubs and bars,` said a spokeswoman." AFP

Almost all vuvuzelas are manufactured in China, and I`m convinced that the popularity of these infernal horns is a commie conspiracy to bring down Western Civilization.

You would think that World Cup fans would be exhausted after blowing the vuvuzelas during the soccer match, but these idiots continue to blow their long plastic horns all freakin` day long in the streets and in bars and hotels.

I hope that like most Chinese products vuvuzelas are lined with lead, and that the intoxicated soccer fans will die an early death from lead poisoning.

If any idiot blows a vuvuzela at a hotel where I`m staying, he will need to make an appointment with a proctologist to have the diabolical horn removed from his rear end.

For the sake of our mental and physical well-being, the United States shouldn`t allow any vuvuzelas to be shipped to our country.

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