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Published:June 22nd, 2010 17:18 EST

Women Toss Panties At Candidate For Mayor

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Charles Zevallos, a politician in Peru`s Amazon basin, often wins kisses from female supporters, but things have moved to a whole new level as women at his rallies have started throwing their underwear at him.

Zevallos, a candidate for mayor in the province of Maynas, has made a tradition of giving fans, watches or soccer balls at his rallies in exchange for women`s kisses.
I hope it doesn`t become a tradition for women to toss panties at the mayor of Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears would feel left out because they never wear any undies.
Zevallos bears a striking resemblance to Tom Jones, that`s why some zealous supporters started tossing their panties at him.
Some pundits said that the undie throwing was evidence that politics had reached a new low, but they shouldn`t blame Zevallos. If I were running for mayor and women threw their panties at me, I would send one of my aides with a Sharpie so he could ask the women to write their phone numbers on their thongs.
The undies that the ladies tossed at the mayor should be picked up and mailed to Lindsay Lohan and her fellow celeb skanks, maybe they will get the message that they need to start putting on some drawers.

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