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Published:June 28th, 2010 12:53 EST
google horse boy

The Whole World Wants To Know: Who Is Google Horse-Boy?

By Robert Paul Reyes


Google Street View frequently captures strange sights: people urinating in public, a pitchfork-wielding duo dressed in scuba gear, or even Waldo from `Where`s Waldo?`
An enigmatic character, dubbed "Horse-Boy," has appeared on Google Street View in Aberdeen, Scotland, and has generated considerable buzz and speculation by Internet users the world over. The man can be seen standing against a wall in a purple shirt and brownish pants wearing a large horse mask. Read More

Some folks spend their whole lives investigating and trying to capture Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. But now there`s a bigger mystery: Who or what is the Google Horse-boy?

google horse boySome people are examining images of the Horse-boy pixel by pixel searching for clues that will reveal his identity.

It`s been speculated that the horse-boy is standing at attention waiting for the Google van, but maybe he was really waiting for his leader: The Horse-head God for Uranus.

I tend to side with those who think the horse-boy was waiting for an alien being.

It could be argued that horse-boy spotted the Google van photographing the streets in his neighborhood, and ran to get a horse-head mask and patiently waited for it. Yeah, right! Like everybody has a horse-head mask in his attic.

The horse-head mask (is it a mask?) it deeply disturbing, but the purple shirt horse-boy is wearing is even more frightening. Not even a raging metrosexual would wear a purple shirt, and horse-boy doesn`t give of the vibe of being a metrosexual. What the heck is up with the purple shirt?

Will the horse-boy come forward, and do the talk show circuit? How will we know it`s the real horse-boy? The genuine horse-boy may have already been beamed up to the mothership, and he`s eating hay in a planet in a faraway galaxy.

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