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Published:June 29th, 2010 18:02 EST
google horse boy

Google Horse-Boy Worships Google God

By Robert Paul Reyes

By now everyone has heard of horse-boy who was captured by Google Earth.

"An enigmatic character, dubbed `Horse-Boy,` has appeared on Google Street View in Aberdeen, Scotland, and has generated considerable buzz and speculation by Internet users the world over. The man can be seen standing against a wall in a purple shirt and brownish pants wearing a large horse mask." Read More

Google Horse-Boy wouldn`t walk a block out of his way to witness the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but he waited patiently, for who knows how long, for the Google van.

google horse boy

Google is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, in short Google is a deity for today`s technological society.

We don`t need to consult the Oracle at Delphi, in a second Google will answer your question, find an old friend you`ve lost contact with, and expose the secrets of your enemies.

Horse-boy had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be photographed by the Google vehicle, and that`s more meaningful for a 21st century individual than touching the hem of Jesus` garment.

As an Internet writer who has published thousands of essays online, I`d rather upset Jehovah than get on Google`s bad side. I`m not trying to be sacreligious, I`m keeping it real.

Horse-boy was standing at attention, he was aware that a representative of his God would soon pass by him. I imagine that the ancient Israelites had the same respectful posture as they witnessed the Ark of the Covenant pass by.

Who is the Google horse-boy? We are the Google horse-boy. We are willing to dress like fools to capture the attention of our God.

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