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Published:July 7th, 2010 14:19 EST

Running Of The Bulls Organizers Ban Satanic Vuvuzelas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Organizers of the 9-day San Fermin festival in Spain said vendors have been banned from selling vuvuzela horns during the event.

Officials in Pamplona said vendors were banned from selling the loud horns, which rose to international fame during the World Cup in South Africa, due to the volume of the noise the long, plastic instruments create.
`Given that vuvuzelas produce noise levels that are both irritating and dangerous, sale of them has been expressly forbidden,` Pamplona town hall officials said in a statement. The statement said police would confiscate horns from any offenders.
The San Fermin festival is more commonly known as the running of the bulls. For the organizers of the 9-day running of the bulls festival to ban the vuvuzela horns speaks volumes. They are basically saying that being exposed to the irritating noise of the vuvuzelas is more dangerous than running with a bunch of bulls.
I agree that vuvuzelas are more of a threat to our physical and mental well-being that running with angry bulls trying to gore you to death.
The vuvuzela mania must stop with the final match of the World Cup. The civilized nations of the world must agree to ban these satanic horns. Any fool who blows a vuvuzela in my presence will be better off gored by a bull than dealing with my fury.
To quote Barney Fife we must nip this vuvuzela nonsense in the bud, these irritating horns haven`t caught on in the States, and we must never allow them to gain a foothold.

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