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Published:July 14th, 2010 18:35 EST

Crocodile Dumb-Dee: Idiot Of The Year

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Australian man dubbed `Crocodile Dumb-dee` for trying to ride a huge crocodile after a drinking spree described Wednesday how he just wanted to play with the animal.

crocodileMedia reports said Michael Newman tried to drip beer into the mouths of two female crocodiles before moving onto the giant Fatso.

He said he shouted at Fatso to let him go before escaping from the pen and returning to a nearby pub with severe leg injuries, where he drank a beer while waiting for an ambulance." - AFP
If I gulped so many beers that I was inspired to sit on top of a huge croc nicknamed Fatso, and the giant beast bit a chunk out of my leg, I would give up drinking.

But this idiot returned to the pub to drink another beer while waiting for an ambulance. This sorry excuse for a human being should be banned from all pubs, next time the alcohol might inspire him to pet a tiger at the zoo.

Crocodile Dumb-dee should be charged with trespassing and cruelty to animals, and Fatso should be give a second helping of whatever crocs eat as a reward for biting the imbecile.

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