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Published:July 15th, 2010 09:19 EST
fat lady

Movie Theatre Seats Have Gotten Bigger To Accommodate Big Butts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seats in U.S. theatres have gotten bigger during the last century to accommodate the expanding size of the members of the audience.

fat ladyA new report by Theatre Projects Consultants, a company that helps to design theatres, showed that from 1900 to 1990, the width of seats increased from 19 to 21 inches (48 to 53 centimetres)." - Reuters
Theatres are responsible for the expanding size of the American derriere. Theatre owners charge an arm and leg for a large tub of popcorn that comes with free refills. After a customer takes out a loan to afford the tub of popcorn, he feels compelled to get his money`s worth by refilling the container of popcorn two or three times.

Everything is super-sized at the movie theatre concession stand: A candy bar is as big as a telephone book, and you need two hands to hold the large size cup of soda

If I didn`t wear sweat pants when I go to a movie, I would have to unzip my pants so I could breathe.

If movie theatres sold healthier food items in smaller portions they wouldn`t need to order Oprah-Winfrey size seats.

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