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Published:July 16th, 2010 13:11 EST
porky pig

Dastardly Dudes Pummel Porky Pig

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police in suburban Chicago say two Six Flags Great America employees visiting the park on their day off allegedly assaulted a worker dressed as Porky Pig.

porky pigGurnee police said Dmytro Petrychenko, 19, and Taras Sikalchuk, 20, allegedly hit the 24-year-old woman dressed as the "Looney Tunes" character in the back and front of her head 10 to 15 times after posing for a picture with her." UPI
Let`s count the ways why these two dudes are cowardly scum of the Earth:

  • Their victim was a female.

  • It was two against one.

  • The lady was a fellow employee; they are aware how hard she works for the money.

  • They conked her on the head, after she let them pose for a picture with her. What a way to show gratitude!

    When these jackasses land in jail and their fellow inmates learn that they hit a young woman dressed as Porky Pig, they will learn what it means to be somebody`s wife behind bars.

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