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Published:July 17th, 2010 11:13 EST

Backlash Against Vuvuzelas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cyprus police announced on Friday that they would confiscate any vuvuzelas taken into the island`s football stadiums because the tuneless plastic horns were "dangerous"."

vuvuzelaThe monotonous drone is loathed by many and Cyprus police are not the first organisation to impose a ban.

Tennis authorities barred vuvuzelas from Wimbledon this summer, while in the Islamic world authorities in the United Arab Emirates issued a fatwa or religious decree against them." AFP
Hatred of the vuvuzelas is the only thing that the Western world and the Islamic nations have in common. It`s in the human DNA to despise the monotonous drone of the vuvuzelas.

South Africa is a failed nation, the African nation has one of the highest crime rates in the world, and a HIV health crisis. It`s not surprising that this hell one Earth nation popularized Satan`s instrument.

South Africa should be an outcast amongst the nations of the world, and it should be kicked out of the United Nations. The vuvuzela frenzy is a black mark that will forever be held against South Africa.

Thank goodness for civilized nations, like Cyprus, that are leading the revolt against the vuvuzela.

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