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Published:July 23rd, 2010 10:44 EST
toilet paper

Dude Loads Gun With Wad Of Toilet Paper And Shoots Cougar Wife

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police in North Carolina said they arrested a man who allegedly loaded his gun with a wad of toilet paper and shot his wife in the back.

toilet paperThe Rockingham County Sheriff`s Office said Lonnie Irvin Pinnix, 38, loaded the pistol with toilet paper when his wife, Darlene Pinnix, 55, returned to their Reidsville home shortly after midnight Tuesday, WGHP-TV, High Point." UPI

Cougars are predators, and my sympathies lie with the much younger husband. We can only guess how much emotional abuse Lonnie endured before he finally struck back at his cougar wife. The shameless hussy came home around midnight, she was probably prowling bars and dives for even younger prey.

Lonnie should be commended for his remarkable restraint; if I had a misbehaving cougar wife I would have loaded my shotgun with something that would cause a little bit more pain than toilet paper.

Lonnie may have used toilet paper as ammunition, but he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I hope that Lonnie`s wife will be gone by the time he is released from the Big House.

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