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Published:July 27th, 2010 14:15 EST

Outrage: Kacee Larson, 17, Has Hit 5 Deer In One Year

By Robert Paul Reyes

A 17-year-old from Conrad (Kacee Larson) is convinced she is approaching a painful record. In the last 12 months, she said she has hit five deer while driving her family`s vehicles."


This young killer should be proclaimed PETA`s Public Enemy #1, and the animal rights organization should send a couple of representatives to have a friendly talk with her. Hopefully they will persuade her never to get behind the wheel again, for the sake of the deer population of Iowa.

After the serial deer killer struck her fourth deer, her pastor`s spouse advised her to say a prayer every time she got into her car. Larson took her friend`s advice, and she recites a prayer every time she gets behind the wheel. Unfortunately, her prayers have the efficacy of deer dung, Larson totaled her family`s minivan when she collided with a deer yet again.

Larson is a menace, and her family, religious advisors and PETA should strongly counsel her never to drive again.

Larson was quoted as saying, "Why Me"? Hello, it`s not about you! It`s the hapless deer who are exclaiming, "Why Me?" Kacee has survived her multiple crashes with barely a scratch, the deer have not been so lucky.

Kacee, for the love of God, I plead with you: Don`t Drive! Ever Again!

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