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Published:July 27th, 2010 15:21 EST
lettuce lady

PETA Lettuce Lady Demonstrates For Animal Rights In Jordan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An animal rights activist promoting vegetarianism while wearing a lettuce dress in Jordan was arrested for demonstrating without a permit, police said.

lettuce ladyPolice in Amman said they dispersed a large crowd of people Sunday watching the `Lettuce Lady,` a protester wearing a full-length dress comprised of lettuce leaves, in First Circle and placed the woman under arrest, Ammon News reported Monday."


I support PETA, but if I saw the PETA Lettuce Lady it wouldn`t inspire me to become a vegetarian. I`d be thinking that a giant lettuce would go great with a big a** hamburger.

The Lettuce Lady, Amina Tareq, wasn`t arrested because she didn`t have a permit to demonstrate, she was picked up by the cops because she`s a woman with a mind of her own. In any Muslim country, women are to be seen (preferably covered from head to toe) and not heard.

I commend Tareq for daring to speak her mind in a Muslim country, but I prefer the PETA babes in the good old USA who wear lettuce bikinis. If Tareq wore a lettuce bikini in Jordan, she would probably be stoned to death.

There are many PETA Lettuce Ladies all over the world who demonstrate for animal rights. More power to each and every one of them.

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