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Published:August 3rd, 2010 21:13 EST

Jackass Lady Dies From Silicon Injection To Butt

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Mayra Lissette Contreras, 22, died after receiving injections of silicone to the buttocks, CBS reports. Autopsy results are still pending, but she is thought to have died from respiratory problems after the operation.


`Stories like this are all too common,` cosmetic surgeon Michael Kane told CBS. `I don`t know any licensed professional who would inject large amounts of silicone into the body.`

When silicone is used for breast implants, it is medical-grade and placed in the body in a capsule.

Underground cosmetic surgeons are not always so careful, using industrial silicone and injecting large quantities of the substance, rather than implanting it." UPI

If a woman lets a quack without a medical license inject silicone to her butt, at the least she`s going to end up with a pain in the ass, and at the worst it may cost her her life.

Mayra was just 22 with her whole life ahead of her, but her vanity and stupidity cut her life short. I have no sympathy for Mayra, but hopefully her tragic fate will cause other young women to think twice about going to an underground plastic surgeon.

Ladies if you weren`t blessed with a Jennifer Lopez butt, accept yourself for who you are, and work dat little butt!

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