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Published:August 3rd, 2010 16:32 EST

Robber Finds Jesus, Robs Shoe Store Two Hours Later

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Florida police arrested a man who they said was convinced not to rob a store by a manager who told him to `seek Jesus,` but then went on to rob a nearby store.

jesusBroward County sheriff`s deputies said Israel Camacho, 37, of Coral Springs, attempted to rob a cellphone store July 23, but he was talked out of the crime by manager Nayara Goncalves, 20, who urged him to `seek Jesus,` The Miami Herald reported Monday.

However, deputies said Camacho robbed a Payless shoe store a few miles away less than 2 hours after he left the cellphone store."


If I had a store and this dude tried to hold me up, I wouldn`t urge him to "seek Jesus". I would blow him away with a shot gun, and soon he would be meeting Jesus.

Israel`s conversion to Jesus apparently didn`t take, two hours later he robbed a Payless shoe store. It`s not Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad that`s going to stop this dude from robbing stores, it`s Smith and Wesson.

According to police this loser has been in and out of jail since 1998. Isn`t there one store owner who will put an end to this nonsense, and send this creep straight to hell?

Camacho was charged with armed robbery and failure to pay child support. Oh great this career criminal has children, I`m sure that before they turn 18 they will already be robbing stores.

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