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Published:August 7th, 2010 12:42 EST

Wear A Wet T-shirt: Go To Jail

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Janet Lovett said she was at the Tavares splash park with her husband and 7-year-old son in April when park staff asked her to leave because her white T-shirt was wet, exposing her padded bra, WFTV, Orlando, Fla., reported Friday.

tshirtLovett said she complied, leaving her son and husband inside the park but a police officer outside the park gate approached her and asked her to give her name and show some ID. The police report said Lovett was arrested after taking too long to answer.

Lovett, who said she was slow to answer because she was scared, was charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence. The charges were later dropped but Lovett spent 5 hours in jail and paid a $1,500 fine." UPI

In some states it`s legal for a woman to appear topless in public, but in Florida a woman who was wearing a T-shirt and a padded bra was arrested, because (horrors!) her shirt was wet!

Janet Lovett didn`t intentionally wet her T-shirt to attract attention; she was at the Tavares Splash Park with her husband and 7-year old son. I would bet that there were hundreds of women and men with wet T-shirts at the water park. At first I thought that maybe Janet stood out because she was well endowed, but the woman was wearing a padded bra.

This hapless lady spent 5 hours in jail, because her T-shirt was wet! Janet is suing the city of Tavares, and I hope that her lawsuit bankrupts the city.

The police officer who arrested Lovett should be transferred to Saudi Arabia; he would be a welcome addition to the religious police who arrest women who dare walk in public without being covered from head to toe.

It`s time that states and municipalities did away with these archaic laws that prohibit women from being topless in public. Can I get an amen? And not just from the guys!

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