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Published:August 21st, 2010 10:59 EST
fat lady

Call A Woman Fat And Ugly: Get A $429 Ticket

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police in a Wisconsin town said they issued a $429 ticket to a man who allegedly told a fellow grocery store customer she was `ugly and fat.`

fat ladySaukville police said the woman was shopping at the Piggly Wiggly and obtained permission from a clerk to use the express checkout lane, despite having more than 10 items, Milwaukee`s WTMJ-AM reported Thursday.

However, another customer expressed displeasure at the woman being allowed to skirt the item limit.

"The female subject, the complainant, then turned back toward the man (and said) `I got permission here. Is there a problem?` That`s when the person said to her, `Yeah, the problem is that you`re ugly and fat,`" UPI

A fat woman shouldn`t be subjected to remarks about her girth at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. You would think that a grocery store with such a cute name would be fat people friendly.

It may not be politically-correct or polite to call a person "ugly and fat", but the man has a constitutional right to be mean and rude.

I have little tolerance for customers with use the express lane even though their shopping carts are loaded with food. The male customer had every right to express his outrage, although he shouldn`t have resorted to personal attacks.

But under no circumstances should the police have been called. The man didn`t use profanity or threaten the woman with violence.

What the heck happened to the concept of free speech?

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