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Published:August 23rd, 2010 10:51 EST

Lady Takes Off Her Clothes And Beats Up Rival For Her Boyfriend's Affections

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A WOMAN stripped off naked in front of dozens of people having breakfast at a popular Darwin restaurant yesterday.

Witnesses said the woman took off all her clothes after she and another woman had a full-on fist fight over a man, reported the Northern Territory News.

The woman was lying naked on the ground smoking a cigarette in full view of customers at the restaurant."
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What to do if a woman strips off naked in front of a restaurant while you are munching on your breakfast? Should you call the cops, or go outside and tell the lady to put her clothes back on? I guess that depends on what she looks like, if she`s a hottie I would just sit back and enjoy the show. According to the News.Com.Au Australian Web site the patrons were unimpressed, that means I would have called the police in a New York minute.

After the fist fight concluded the woman didn`t come to her senses, and say to herself: OMG, I just took off my clothes right in front of a popular restaurant where parents and their children can see me, I`d better put my drawers back on. Oh, No! The lady nonchalantly plopped down the ground and smoked a cigarette.

I`d be kind of flattered if a woman fought over me, but I wouldn`t be too impressed with a girlfriend who gets buck naked in public. Her boyfriend should kick her to the curb, but she would probably feel right at home in the gutter.

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