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Published:August 23rd, 2010 10:44 EST

New York City Under Siege: Bedbugs Infest Empire State Building

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Officials say a bedbug infestation in New York has even reached the city`s most iconic building, as bedbugs were found in an area of the Empire State Building.

bedbugsThe pests were found in an employee changing room, prompting building officials to call in exterminators, the New York Daily News reported Saturday." UPI
For generations mothers have tugged their children in at night with the comforting words: Sleep tight, and don`t let the bedbugs bite. Moms knew that bedbugs were to be found only in tenements and third-rate motels.

Not any more! Bedbugs have invaded 4-star hotels, luxury resorts, and nice homes in suburbia. If a politician invents a poison that will eliminate the nasty critters he will be elected President of the United States.

The Empire State Building has survived an assault by King Kong and a plane crash, but can it survive the invasion of the bedbugs? Until the iconic building has been certified clean of bedbugs by the Department of Health, I refuse to set foot inside the building.

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