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Published:August 29th, 2010 14:37 EST

Goat Has Tons Of Facebook Friends

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A goat wandering the town of Mexico, Missouri is getting quite a following. The goat has more than six hundred followers on its own facebook page." More
The country of Mexico faces many intractable problems including unemployment, overpopulation and a raging drug war between the cartels and the federal government.


But the biggest problem that the city of Mexico, Missouri has to deal with is Billy Goat Gruff, a goat with a penchant for taking a stroll down Main Street.

The clueless cops of Mexico have been unable to corral the playful animal, and now many of the citizens are rooting for the goat. In fact the goat has more than six hundred followers on its own Facebook page.

Folks who don`t have a Facebook page yet, should be mortified. I hope Billy Goat Gruff shames you into joining the Internet generation.

I am embarrassed to admit how few Facebook friends I have, my goal in life is to exceed Billy Goat Gruff`s total of 600 followers.

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